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KDM Outdoors’ Newest Product: The CapStrap™


hdr_capstraplogoKDM Outdoors is Proud to now carry the amazing CapStrap!™

“The CapStrap™ is the first and only product that attaches to your ball cap, visor or any type of cap with a stiff bill to create an anchor to hold your sun glasses, or any type of eye glasses for that matter, tightly to the place you tend to put them. It allows the glasses to be placed on the bill of your cap when not in use.

The simplicity of the design and the effective strong hold combine for a security you can trust to keep those essential and expensive glasses safe and handy. If you are a golfer, fisherman, hiker, hunter, center fielder, tractor driver, sports fan, runner, modern day cowboy, walker, beach comber, little league parent, pit crewman, or just an ordinary American who considers sun glasses essential to your lifestyle or performance, you will love the CapStrap™.”

Find CapStrap here at KDM Outdoors or Visit CapStrap.com


KDM Outdoors Top 5 Picks from the Sportsmen’s Expo 

Raptorrazor – Ultimate Field Dressing Knife”

S.O.S.’s “Barkley SeriesUltimate Survival Kit

 The Mule – A Deer Drag That Works”

 Cap Strap – Eyewear Retention System”

Honer – Knife Sharpener”

GREAT Show Everyone!

Keep checking back for details on these and more Amazing Outdoor Products from KDM Outdoors!

How to Use a Compass to Get from “A to B”


So, you’re going on a long hike from your parked car to a particular landmark or special camping spot. You may know exactly where you’re going, but what if the path has become overgrown or obstructed in the past few months? What if you somehow lose your bearings?

It is for reasons like this that a compass is one of the most useful tools to carry when taking trips away from street signs and people! After all, you can’t ask a tree for directions! Many cell phones do not have service in remote locations either, eliminating your dependency on GPS or phone calls.

When using a compass, it’s important to note where your adventure began. A compass won’t help you if you don’t know what direction you came from! Before setting out on your hike, be sure to take note of which direction you’re heading, and where you left your car.

Now, here are two ways to utilize the compass:

By Sight: If you can see where you’re supposed to go in the distance, simply point the compass at it from your current position. The travel arrow will let you know which direction your destination is in. So long as your needle and housing remain in place (or extremely close to it) you should have no problem reaching your desired location.

By Map: Not everyone carries a map when hiking; however, if you do you can also utilize your map alongside your compass. Before departing, lay your compass and your map on the ground. Mark your starting location and your end location. Place the compass on top of the map in the correct direction and draw a straight line from A to B. Use your compass to stay on track throughout the hike; your map will support you by letting you know your milestones and how far you’ve gone thus far.

For more information on compasses, or to see what we’ve got in stock at KDM Outdoors, visit our online store.

Selecting a Backpack for Long Hikes

For anyone that’s ever been on a long hike to a remote location or a distant campsite, you know very well the importance of the pack on your back. When selecting a backpack for long hikes, any ole’ schoolbag won’t do. Be sure to review the following before making your purchase:

Size: What do you absolutely positively need for your long hike or weekend of camping? Figure out how much you’ll be carrying (and nothing more) and then determine what size bag is needed to accommodate the necessities. Sometimes when we have large bags we feel obligated to fill it up, and a heavy pack makes for a difficult trip! Also, select the size appropriate for your torso length, not your overall height. Backpacks should not hang down over your bottom or sit high above your shoulders – a properly fitted backpack will aid in balance and comfort.

Straps: Never overlook the importance of your backpack’s straps. Canvas or thin unpadded straps can cause irritation. You want to be sure your straps are covered in plush padding. Shoulder straps help make those heavy loads much easier to bear! Shoulder pads significantly limit your chances of shoulder rashes, burns, sore muscles and overall discomfort.

Compartments: Keeping your personal care items separate from your food and tools or keeping clean and dry clothes separate from dirty and wet clothes will make any trip more convenient and enjoyable. How many times have you found yourself opening up an entire bag and removing everything just to find one item? Compartments keep us organized!   

Material: Ultra-light packs often use ultra-light materials, which lightens your load but also puts the pack’s durability at risk. Nothing would be worse than the bottom of your pack giving way on a long hike, forcing you to carry or abandon your personal items. Select a durable material – some backpacks’ product descriptions even include their weight capacity.

If you’re searching for a new backpack, we encourage you to check out our Backpack Section at KDM Outdoors. When selecting backpacks to add to our inventory we always consider the following: comfort, functionality, and quality!


Hartzell Corporation Introduces Website and Online Store Promoting and Supporting Outdoor Activity: KDMoutdoors.com

LAKEWOOD, Colo., Jan. 13, 2014 /Colorado-based internet company and retailer, Hartzell Corporation, today announced that its new online store and website at www.KDMoutdoors.com is open for business.

The new online store offers a variety of outdoor products such as tents, backpacks, sleeping bags, canteens, knives, navigational items, binoculars/monoculars, multi-tools, gadgets and more. The company will continually update its inventory as new items are introduced.

“We’re a small family-owned company very passionate about hunting, camping, hiking and fishing. We love spending time outdoors and look forward to sharing our products and resources with others,” explains company founder and owner, Karen Hartzell. “We want KDMoutdoors.com to be more than an online store to people, but also an online community of outdoor enthusiasts.”

In addition to introducing its new online store, KDMoutdoors.com also hosts a blog within its site that will be sharing valuable resources such as how-to articles, best practices for the outdoors, safety tips, product reviews, and more.

For customer convenience, the company provides links to the departments of fish, wildlife, parks and natural resources for all 50 states. Consumers can review their states’ specific rules and regulations before making purchases or plans. KDMoutdoors.com has also established pages on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, which can be accessed from the site’s homepage.

All products purchased at KDMoutdoors.com can be shipped anywhere within the United States and all major credit cards, including PayPal, are accepted.

For more information on Hartzell Corporation and its new online store, visit www.KDMoutdoors.com.

5 Reasons to Bring Along a Knife for a Weekend Outdoors

MadMax5 Reasons to Bring Along a Knife for a Weekend Outdoors

Are you headed out to the wilderness for the weekend? Whether you’re camping, hiking, boating or hunting there’s one item that should always make it into your pack: a knife.

You may be thinking, “What on earth will I need that for? I’m not going to be defending myself against predators or living off the land,” but time after time amateur outdoorsmen find themselves in need of a knife for the simplest of tasks. Continue reading for 5 situations that call for a knife!

  1. First Aid: Did you pack a pair of scissors? Probably not! In the event of an accident you may find yourself needing to construct a makeshift bandage or sling until you’re able to get medical attention or adequate first aid products – the knife will make life much easier than trying to tear the perfect size and shape.
  2. Fires: A very sharp knife or “fire knife” is capable of cutting brush and branches in to the perfect size for a contained fire pit.
  3. Food: Whether it’s cutting into a can or slicing through a piece of fish or meat, if you have a high quality multi-purpose knife, that’s one less tool (can opener or kitchen knife) that you need to pack.
  4. Personal Protection: Many people carry pocket knives or tactical knives for this very reason every day, never mind a weekend outdoors. We all want to believe that nothing bad will happen, and most times nothing bad does happen – but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.
  5. Repair: If your fishing line snaps, your hammock gives way, or your backpacks’ strap breaks, you may need to find an alternative solution. Knives enable you to manufacture your own backup lines, ropes or straps without a pair of scissors.

So, what do you think? It’s probably better to pack a knife that goes unused than accidentally leave it at home and find yourself in need. To view our selection of knives at KDM Outdoors, click here!

Contact our team if you need any help.


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